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 Why we changed and how were doing it

For the past 5 years Nartnapa Thai Kitchen has been 100% table service,  Due to a local staffing crisis that is closing the doors of many local hospitality businesses combined with unprecedented custom levels we made the decision to protect our team and change the service style to Buffet for peak season between mid July - end August.  We are extremely proud of our wonderful team but have to accept it is not large enough to cope with demand, to continue with full table service will result in unhappy customers and an over worked team which are business goals we never wanted to achieve, in truth as business owners the decision to temporarily change was out of our hands.


The great news is that Nartnapa and her team are still cooking great fresh food for the buffet, no items are bought in, everything is home made in house by chefs for you to enjoy.


There are always 4 or more vegan options and many gluten free options, we have stopped the use of peanuts so no cross contamination throughout the buffet.


To ensure our service remains sustainable we have the following policies in place, please be sure to read and understand before starting your meal.


With rising cases of Covid 19 around the UK we still ask you to wear a face covering whilst visiting us, to ensure that our buffet stations remains sanitary we provide a disposable glove for the hand which touches serving spoons etc, face coverings must be worn whilst at the buffet.


Buffet prices ( All diners are charged )

Take away £10 per full (lid on) 650ml container - £3 per 500ml container for rice


Adult £20


Please note that due to Covid considerations children are not currently permitted at the Buffet Units.


Children - proof of age may be required.

Under 3 - Can share off of parents plate

4 years old £5.50

5 years old £6.50

6 years old £7.50

7 years old £8.50

8 years old £9.50

9 years old £10.50

10 years old £11.50

11 years old £12.50

12 years old £13.50

13 years old + full price


Desserts are home made by our chefs and are priced separately, please ask to see desert board for more details.


Table times 90 minutes

Garden tables available on a walk in basis.


Please arrive on time


Waste - After bones are dispatched any additional Food left on plates when cleared is charged at £1.50 per 100g, you may access the buffet as often as you like during your sitting, to reduce additional costs only take what can be eaten during your sitting. To reduce packaging waste we add food into a single container per family, for multiple Covid bubbles please let us know and we can package separately.

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