The Cottage Inn

The Cottage Inn is a late 17th Century public house, set on the banks of the west Lyn river, We have parking on site, a beautifull 10 minute walk from Lynton or a short taxi journey.

 As well as being home to Nartnapa, The Cottage Inn is also the spiritual home to FatBelly Brewery, Once brewed underneath the restaurant, FatBelly is now brewed on a close by industrial estate, you can be sure to find our beers on tap or even have a chat to our head brewer who lives within the premises.

Set within a valley the weather is often calm and beautiful, on these days there is little better than sitting by the river within our garden with freshly cooked food and a local beer.

Service within the Cottage Inn is casual table service, the team love to have a giggle with our guests. At peak times there can be a longer than usual wait for food so we always ask that if you are in a hurry to let us know when booking, of course our people do everything we can to be as prompt as possible but fresh food is not fast food.